Photographers — Build More Than A Portfolio

Words by Scott Bourne - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Build A Body Of Work...

Lots of photographers have a portfolio. But we think it's more important to build a body of work. Proficiency is best demonstrated when a photographer can show a series of photos over time that build on a theme. Photographers who can build a body of work tend to become the most successful.

This is all tied into style and portfolio building but we like to focus on it from the proficiency angle.

Proficient means:

"Having or marked by an advanced degree of competence, as in an art, vocation, profession, or branch of learning.

Well advanced in any branch of knowledge or skill; possessed of considerable acquirements; well-skilled; versed; adept

Good at; skilled; fluent; practiced, especially in relation to a task or skill."


This is a deep subject and no one article can provide all the answers, but we can give you some starting points.

  1. Make sure to pick a theme and stick to it.
  2. Think niche and then think niche within a niche.
  3. The more you drill down into the kind of images that evoke emotion the better.
  4. Have a consistent style using consistent tools.
  5. Make sure the presentation is consistent.
  6. Consistency is of primary importance.
  7. Make a relentless commitment to producing more and more work, refining as you go.
  8. Create from your heart.
  9. Build work based on your ability to connect with your subject so others can too.


The best thing about creating a body of work is this. It frees you up to refine your voice. It lets you tailor the photographic stories you tell in a manner that is unique to you. Give it some thought.

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