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Ultra + NEW! Multi Bundle

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Ultra is flat, light and compact. At the size of a smartphone and only 3.2 oz, Ultra fits in your pocket. Designed for small to medium equipment, like mirrorless, GoPro, and compact DSLRs. Not sure if Ultra or eXtreme is for you? Click here

Ultra proves that powerful tools come in small packages. At just 3.2 oz, and 5.08" x 3.36", and 4.3 mm thick it provides rock solid camera support. (spiked feet included) Don’t be fooled by Ultra’s slim stature—it will be the most reliable tool in your gear bag and we offer a 5 year warranty to back it up. The Ultra can support up to 2 lbs.

Save when you get Ultra and the NEW! Multi-Accessory Kit together.

Unlock Ultra’s full potential with the NEW! Multi Kit. The star of the NEW Multi Kit is the industry's first round Arca compatible quick-release plate, which also doubles as a 3/8" to 1/4" adapter. It even sports a bubble level to allow you to level your Platypod. Multi also allows you to strap Ultra to objects, quickly setup with a non-slip pad, and attach Ultra to objects with the strap. And the 3-inch spigot adapter, sold in the Multi-kit, adapts to hold studio and portable lighting. Last but not least is a 3-inch carabiner with in a drawstring pouch to hold all the kit's components.