The world’s most compact tripods for photographers and filmmakers

Welcome to Platypod

Platypod Pro LLC is a small and family owned business committed to making excellent quality products for professional photographers at affordable prices. We believe our unique and simple design makes the Platypod an extremely versatile piece of equipment, that’s usefulness is as vast as the user’s creativity.

Meet Platyball
Next level tripod heads.
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Get steady shots in tight
spots where standard tripods can never go.

(Works with most any tripod head for amazing support!)

It’s Flat

Fits in your bag

It’s Strong

Holds heavy cameras and lights

It’s Stable

As solid as the surface it’s on

Don’t Make Basic, Make Blockbuster

Why Platypod?

Ideal for low-angle photography
Get the lowest possible camera placement for low-angle photography
Excels in tight and unusual spaces
Fit into tighter and narrower spots than any other camera supports
Limited time
Light and discreet
Effortlessly slips into the side or back pocket of camera bags without sacrificing room for a lens or flash
Limited time
Compatible with most ball heads.
Patented tool free design allows compatibility with 3/8-16 ball heads. See if your equipment is compatible.

We believe the best tools can come in the smallest packages.

There is no other product on the market that offers the strength, durability, adaptability and ease of use in such a compact frame. You will never have to leave a piece of equipment behind to make room for your Platypod.
Used by 20,000+ photographers worldwide


“It is the smallest, (most) lightweight, most cleverly designed camera support out there period”


I love its small size. There is really no reason not to have it


One of my favorite ‘Sammonisms’ is, use your hand-held camera like a drone. In other words, move your camera up and down, tilt it and move it side to side for creative angles. Thanks to Platypod I was able to follow my own advice while photographing this woman in a rural village in China.