#TripodPolice are the WORST!


Getting stopped and hassled by the police just for being a photographer is the worst and It seems like every other week a photographer is being questioned because of “suspicious behavior”. Recently James Watt of PetaPixel reported that had been stopped by the police over 20 times and identified the reason for the harassment was because he had a tripod and DSLR camera. News like this is nothing new, in January several schools were locked down due to reports of someone holding a rifle when in reality is just a news paper photographer with a tripod. Fortunately, most of these encounters tend to be polite.

There are also some locations that don’t allow tripods, unusually these are high trafficked areas where tripods are just big and get in the way. Now photographers have to research their location’s policies.

We at Platypod Pro dream about a world where the #TripodPolice don’t exist and created our Platypod Pro to take steps towards this utopia. Richard Harrington first reported on our solution in the article How to Turn “No Tripod” into “No Problem” where he had no problem shooting in a number of locations that don’t allow tripods. Use the Platypod Pro in those times when you need a stable shot but your traditional tripod just won’t do.