Giottos Mini Ball Head Review



The Giottos MH 1004-320 Mini Ball Head is our favorite mini ball head because of its size and reliability. At two inches long and 1.8 oz, we just throw it in our bag and forget about it. Anytime we need a stable shot it is there for us. This mini ball head is also great for adding other ¼” accessories like GoPro, smart phone, and tablet mounts. With the Giottos MH 1004-320 we feel like we are back in elementary school playing with Legos. Take a look at our travel kits for more.

Other mini ball heads we have tried out aren’t as stable when we shot with mirrorless cameras that push to the upper ends of their weight ranges. We noticed no shaking or vibrations with the Giottos MH1004-230. It appears that Giottos’ choice of aluminum alloy gives it the perfect mix of strength and weight. Take a look at our Recommended Accessories for more equipment we love. 


  • Single knob to control ball and pan
  • Supports 4.4 lbs
  • .94” x 2.4” and weighs 1.8 oz
  • Top plate has 1/4” thread while the base has a 3/8” socket