Three uses for a Platypod Pro

There are certain times where you need a stable camera but a tripod just isn’t right for the job. Like for low angle shots, odd perched positions, or on a hike when you want a light camera bag. Here are a few ways our customers use the Platypod Pro.

1) Landscape Photography



Tripods and landscape photography goes hand in hand. When shooting in nature there are countless times where you need stability. When Rob Slippey, a landscape photographer, hiked past a stream in Wilmington, Delaware he knew he had to capture a silky waterfall.

The shot required setting up on some pretty rocky terrain so he chose his Platypod Pro rather than his larger tripod. Rob says “the Platypod answers every complaint I’ve ever had about larger tripods. Like I said, it’s not a replacement but another tool that offers some great advantages above and beyond a normal tripod.” Read Rob's full review of the Platypod.

2) Time Lapse

Remember that game where you pretended the floor is lava? Well Kevin Ames of Photofocus won when he shot a time lapse of a floor being replaced. This was a unique situation where he simply couldn’t set up on the floor. Using a single plate and a screwdriver he attached a Platypod to the wall. At the end of the project he just unscrewed it. Read the full article here.

3) Night Photography


Nick Jamison is a travel photographer who loves to pack light but always finds room for some zip ties and a Platypod. He attaches a Platypod to a pole to get stable shots from weird places. Recently he set up on a balcony and captured Chicago at night. He then posted the above image to his Instagram account, follow him to see his travels.