Holiday Gifts for Under $100!

Not sure what to put on your Holiday wish list? On a recently episode of Scott Kelby's The Grid, Larry T., inventor and CEO of Platypod, and photographer Levi Sim talk about their favorite photography gifts under $100.

In the episode, Larry shared his favorite photo items - a smartphone mount, some great photography books, and an excellent ball head. For more accessories, check more of our recommended accessories.


Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount: $16.95

Supports any size smartphone via the spring-loaded rubberized brackets. I love this little item. I use it practically every single day. Combined with any tripod mount or used together with a micro ball head and the Platypod Ultra, it allows you to do stable video, time lapse and every day smartphone tasks completely hands free on a tabletop. It folds up and packs into nearly nothing. Make sure you get the model with the metal stem as that will last for years.


The Flash Book - by Scott Kelby: $20.36

Scott is probably the most prolific writer of our time on the subject of photography and Adobe Photoshop. He knocks out another winner in this new book which is an outstanding approach to flash photography that will change the way most enthusiasts approach lighting. Interesting, witty and an easy read for photographers at any level. Highly recommended.


Understanding color in photography - Bryan Peterson: $18.33

Author of Understanding Exposure and Learning to See Creatively and teacher to a whole generation of budding photographers, Brian has just published another amazing guide giving new perspective in color photography. Even non-photographers will appreciate the gorgeous and colorful photographs in this book making it a perfect coffee table item once the reader has gone through it three or four times!


Benro IN00 Single Action Ball Head: $50

What is so special about this ball head? To put it simply compact size, build quality and price. What really attracts me to this is the fact that the single lever type ratcheting locking knob packs flat in the camera bag alongside the Platypod Ultra. Comes with a nice Arca style QR plate as well as the safety system in the clamp locking knob that requires one to pull on the knob after a single detente to avoid accidental release. Just point the locking lever vertically and this good ol’ boy will spin on and off the Platypod Ultra with all spikes in place. Best bang for the buck!