The Results Are In: Scott Kelby, Platypod & the 11th Annual Worldwide Photowalk!


This past Saturday, we watched countless photographers and creatives from all over the world join lenses for one of the most anticipated Photowalks of the entire year - the 11th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, which unites photographers all over the world on a single Saturday each year.

We had fun watching the number of groups grow, as photographers from around the world joined the walk every leading up to the big day — Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018. We saw Worldwide Photowalk groups like Bangladesh, led by Kaizer Kabir; Thailand led by Dennie Cody; and New York, NY led by Lavonne Hall join. That was just scratching the surface, though. Scott Kelby led his famed annual walk not in one location, but in various. From Hallstatt, Austria, he posted his annual (and beloved by us all) Photowalk photo, to social media.

You can see and read about it here on Scott’s blog, which you should definitely follow if you are a photographer. Scott’s the President at KelbyOne, one of our favorite photography training resources out there. Many of the photographers that we meet are part of the very awesome KelbyOne community.

As always, we were thrilled that Ultra was apart of Scott’s adventures, since he chose Ultra above his traditional tripod. We naturally needed to know every detail. Why is Platypod better than a tripod for you? How does Platypod replace your old tripod? Simply put, though, the real questions are: Why do you use use it; and why do you love it?

Platypod Ultra: ‘Scott Kelby: I Use it Everywhere’

In the short, four-minute clip, Scott tells us how Platypod Ultra became his go-to — quickly replacing a traditional tripod. “I’ve been pretty much using this exclusively for like the last year or two,” Scott explains in the video. “I’m able to shoot in places with this that I’d be stopped anywhere else — from Grand Central Terminal in NYC, to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and people just look at it … and they just move along.”

Those are big words that would pique any photographer’s interest, especially since you can pretty much take your Platypod anywhere at all. It literally fits in your pocket “Where would you use this?” Scott asks. “I use it everywhere. I use it on bridges — on the little ledge of a bridge; I’ve used it on the floor of a church or an Opera house. I would use it at the base of a fountain when I want to do a long exposure. I pretty much put it any place that I would think to use a tripod. I’ve placed it on security barriers, I’ve placed it on a rope expansion that was designed to keep me from going into an exhibit…”

Platypod Max: Use in Places Tripods Can’t Go!

What about the Platypod Max? That’s Platypod Ultra’s big brother, especially good for heavy DSLRs and big lenses; also great for full-sized video cameras and bulky accessories. “I’m not going to be taking a tripod; I’m going to be taking a Platypod,” Scott explains in the video, just ahead of the Worldwide Photowalk. “They are your replacement for a tripod,” he added. “You’ll be using this instead of a tripod. It’s a lot lighter and smaller and easier to use than a tripod. It fits in your pocket, where your tripod doesn’t.”

Bottom line: “I’ve used this thing in places that tripods would never be allowed,” Scott adds.

Well, we have had tons of fun watching Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk unfold on social media and all over the world. If you haven’t been part of one, be sure to join the photography community at next year’s 12th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk!

PS: If you used a Platypod on the Worldwide Photowalk, we would LOVE to see your pictures and possibly feature your work. Please contact