We are thankful for you.

This year has been a whirlwind and as the holidays inch closer, we have had the chance to sit back and really reflect on all the goodness that has come our way in 2018. Specifically, here are some articles and mentions that made us super, super happy. But beyond happy, we are so thankful for those who truly believe in Platypod!


1. Scott Kelby — My 13th Annual Holiday Gear Guide

Wow. And we do mean WOW! This is the list that every tripod wants to be on! Scott Kelby is president of KelbyOne, and one of our all-time favorite photographers (and human beings, in general.) He also loves Platypod Ultra!

“This is the Platypod Ultra’s second year on the list, and while this thing was blowing up last year, this year it’s vying for the hottest photography accessory on the planet. It’s a tripod replacement (that doesn’t need legs), it’s super-lightweight (3.2 oz.), and fits in your pocket. You screw a small ballhead onto it, and it holds your camera steady as a rock so you can place it where tripods either aren’t allowed (which sadly is pretty much everywhere these days) or where they can’t fit. Everybody wants a Platypod Ultra.”


2. PhotoFocus — 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts under $100

This is another awesome list to make! PhotoFocus includes Platypod Max on its list:

“Whether you have to deal with an anti-tripod or a pro-tripod photographer, you can’t go wrong with this one. It is so small and portable, anyone finds a good use of it – even with heavy DSLRs. Don’t believe me? Give it a try!”


3. Moose Peterson — Platypod: Essential for Our Video

Moose Peterson is an amazing photographer! We love that he uses Platypod as an essential piece to shoot video.

“The beauty of the Platypod is we can place it in places we can’t comfortably stand. The folks we’re filming the majority of the tine don’t see them either. The stability, portability, and flexibility of the Platypod simply makes our job that much easier!”

4. DIY Photography — The Flatest Tripod in the World - Platypod

We are always on the look out for Platypod reviews. This one gives us a list of their major likes that we absolutely LOVE:

Holy-Moly, that thing is small. It’s about the size of my Samsung Galaxy 7, and weight nothing. Between this and the fact that it’s flat, its the perfect EDC.

  • Holy-Moly, that thing is small. It’s about the size of my Samsung Galaxy 7, and weight nothing. Between this and the fact that it’s flat, its the perfect EDC.

  • Lots of cool mounting options. OK, its a tripod, but its also a wall plate, a car mount, and many other creative uses.

  • You can sneak that thing anywhere! (take that no-tripods-in-the-museum-rule!)

5. Dave Williams — Is this One of the World’s Most-Traveled Platypods?


While this was actually featured on our blog recently, we wanted to give Dave a shout out for taking Platypod Ultra all over the world and keeping things interesting!

“The Platypod is made in such a way that it carries well,” Dave explains. “It fits in small spaces, even in trouser pockets, and can be attached to the outside of camera bags to even further save on precious space when it’s at an absolute premium.”

Again, thanks to all who have helped spread the word about Platypod Ultra and Platypod Max. We are always thankful for the Platypod love, because we believe it is a piece of gear that will truly transform your photography experience.

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