#FeatureFriday: Are You a Platypod User? We'd Love to Feature You!

Not long ago, we started a weekly post called #FeatureFriday. With all of the beautiful, intriguing, exciting images we were being tagged in on social media (especially on Instagram!) we really wanted to feature the work of our followers and fans. If you've used (and/or are using) Platypod to help you create your images, we'd love to possibly feature your work, your story, your images. Here's a few more details: 

What is #FeatureFriday? Every Friday, we feature the work of a Platypod user. Our goal is to share the ways photographers are using their Platypods, but we also want to share their stories with you and hope to make new connections amongst our users. 

Where will my work be featured? We post a blog (here is a great example), and then we share the blog link and images on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and newsletters, sometimes, as well. We always credit work and love including links so readers can find you! 

How do I get featured? Email ajna@platypod.com with the subject line Feature Friday. Please include an image, brief caption and link to your work (we love IG & websites!) So, if you are a Platypod user getting cool shots with your Platypod, we'd love to hear from you! In the mean time, please enjoy getting to know some of our past Feature Friday photographers!

Photographer Patrick Gordon:
Timelapse, Landscape & Steel Wool Photography


Man, we just love the work of @pgords! Maybe that's why he was our first-ever Feature Friday back in June! Patrick uses Platypod Max for getting low and sturdy with his timelapses and for his nature photography shots. He has a bunch of really cool Steel Wool Spinning images on his page, as well. He recently used his Platypod Max for a cool timelapse of Rocky Mountain National Park that we featured on our IG page. "I decided to take that timelapse using the Platypod Max ... using a Canon 5D III and a Sigma 14-24 2.8 lens," he told us. "The Platypod is a great addition to any bag as it is small and flat and is very light for long hikes." You can find Patrick on his Instagram page here. 

Photographer T.J. Powell Gets Low with Platypod Ultra & Porsche at Cars & Coffee Show


We loved the way T.J. Powell used his Platypod Ultra at a recent Cars & Coffee Show at Porsche of Beachwood in Cleveland, Ohio. T.J. was able to get a variety of detail-filled car shots using low-angles. "Low-angle shots with the Platypod came out great, and I loved the angles I got," he told us. "The types of cars at this show are very low to the ground, and I did not like the shots I was able to get from above, so I moved down low." The low angles really made his pictures of these beautiful cars pop. See more of T.J.'s work on Instagram here

Photographer Erik Larson's Long-Exposure Susquehanna River Pics


Erik Larson's vibrant Susquehanna River pics quickly captured our attention on Instagram! He used his Platypod Ultra to help capture this brilliant image along the Susquehanna River. Fun fact: Erik is working on a fundraising project for the HPD K-9 Unit! Follow his K-9 and photography journey on his Instagram page here

Photographer Rosalie Espinosa Quinto-Demigo's
Statue of Liberty Silhouette at Sunset Pics


We love this stunning image taken with Canon and Platypod Ultra. Rosalie is a NYC-NJ based photographer and her Insta page is truly a jewel. "I capture whatever catches my eye, because every picture tells a story," she writes in her Insta bio. Her page is filled with NYC-themed pics, from The Oculus at the World Trade Center to vibrant street-art pics in New Jersey. Check her out here

Are you interested in being one of our #FeatureFriday photographers? Shoot us a quick email (ajna@platypod.com) or message us on Instagram! We can't wait to see what you're creating with your Platypod!