#FeatureFriday: Platypod Ultra Swims with the Sharks!

With Chad Maali

Happy Feature Friday! We met Orlando-based creative and photographer Chad Maali this summer at Photoshop World, where he bought his first-ever Platypod. We had so much fun catching up with him after the show and learning more about his first Platypod Ultra experience -- with the sharks! 


Tell us about your experience using your Platypod for the first time! While traveling to the Bahamas last month, I wanted to try out my new Platypod that I purchased from Photoshop World this past May. I was so happy that I didn’t have to bring a big bulky tripod with me. Well, not only was I happy about the outcome, but my Platypod now has a permanent home in my bag for every trip I take from here on out. 

What was your gear set-up for the shark shoot? I used my Playtpod, GoPro and a lanyard.  I normally shoot with an Olympus OMD 1 MK II. 

What was your biggest challenge of the shoot? For me, it was getting the right placement of the Platypod in the water, so I used a lanyard my son was wearing and tied it around the GoPro to lower and lift it into the water. We weren’t allowed to put our hands in the water, because it was feeding time for the sharks, and they were afraid we would get bit.





What was your favorite takeaway or lesson learned from this shoot? I figured out that a selfie Stick can be used to screw into the Platypod and be lowered or raised into any situation. Now my selfie stick is packed with my Platypod as an accessory.

How did the Platypod help with this specific shoot? I was able to place it into the water without worrying about it staying flat. My Platypod also helped me gets angles I could never get unless I was actually in the water with scuba gear.

What do you have in the works right now? I am going to Havana next week, and I am definitely bringing my Platypod with me. I already have some shoots in mind when I get there.

Where can we connect with you on social media? On Instagram and Facebook! My handle is otownchad on all social-media platforms. 

A huge thanks to Chad for sharing his pictures with us and his first-ever Platypod Ultra experience! 

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