#FeatureFriday: First-time Platypod User Wins Contest for THIS St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin Pic!

With Cathy Baitson

Imagine our delight when, as we're scrolling through our Instagram feed, we see the stunning picture below and find out it was taken with use of a Platypod Max! Not only was this picture taken with a Platypod; it was taken by a first-time Platypod user and it won a contest, securing its place here on our Feature Friday of the week! 

Meet today's Feature Friday, Cathy Baitson, Platypod user and weddings and newborns photographer from Dublin, Ireland. We got to hear from Cathy about this stunning picture and her experience using Platypod for the first time, and here is what we found out: 


Tell us a little bit about you. Who are you? I am a full-time professional Wedding and Newborn photographer from Dublin, Ireland but in my spare time, I am shooting anything from landscape to street photography.

What was your gear set-up during your St. Patrick's Cathedral visit? I used my Canon 6D and 17-40 1:4L Canon lens, Platypod Max and Oben ballhead.

Tell us about your experience photographing at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The last week in August every year is Heritage Week in Ireland and a lot of organisations are open to the public for free. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was one of them and they held an “Instagrammers” night which I booked online as there were a limited number of tickets.

Why did you decided to take your Platypod to this specific site? I wasn’t sure if a tripod was allowed, as in most cases, they are not, and since I recently purchased a Platypod Max and a ballhead, I thought this was the best place to try it it out. I got some curious looks and I was asked by many what it was and what it's used for.

What was it like using your Platypod for the first time? As we were invited to take photos that night, I didn’t feel weird comfortably sitting in the aisle of the Cathedral while I worked out how to use my Platypod for the first time; it was quite easy as normally when I’m using something for the first time, I have to go on YouTube to see how it all works. It was easy. I took out two of the screws which came with it and raised the front up to make sure I got the ceiling in as well as the beautiful tiled floor.


What was your biggest challenge? The biggest challenge for me was trying not to get anybody in the shot, but a long shutter speed and a little patience is all it took.

How did the Platypod help with this specific shoot? I loved the idea of being able to take my Platypod with me in my shoulder bag as it’s so small and easy to use. From now on, it will be coming with me when I shoot weddings as I have a few ideas in mind for using it already!

Favorite takeaway from this shoot? When I entered the Cathedral, I was given a piece of paper with a hashtag to use if we posted the images on Instagram. I was delighted to find out that a few days later, it was for a competition, which I won for the image I took! I will be brought on a Tower Tour and I can’t wait! I will definitely be bringing my Platypod with me, and this time I will get a BTS shot to share with you all which I will post on my social media pages.

Speaking social media pages, you can find Cathy on Instagram. She has an account specifically for weddings and newborns photography right here; and her other photography page is here. You can follow her on both! 

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