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eXtreme Macro Bundle
Expand your creativity with the NEW eXtreme and our very best accessories.
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Elite Studio/Portrait Tripod Bundle

The Platypod staff has sampled a lot of different tripods and we felt this was the best bang for the buck. It's one of Benro's best tripods matched up with the Platyball Elite!

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Ergo Studio/Portrait Tripod Bundle

One of Benro's best tripods matched up with the Platyball Ergo!  It's an outstanding addition to your creative tools in the studio.

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Macro Accessory Bundle

Already have a Platypod Max or eXtreme? Here's everything you need to maximize your creativity in macro and closeup photography.

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Ultimate Close-up Bundle

The best in LumeCube lighting combined with the versatility of great accessories for closeup photography.

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LumeCube Panel Pro Add-on Bundle

This bundle includes a LumeCube RGB Panel Pro and a set of goosenecks.

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New! Multi Accessory Kit + eXtreme Bundle

We've brought back one of our most popular bundles, but now available with the NEW Platypod eXtreme, together with the Multi Accessory Kit.

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Ultra Essentials Bundle

Everything you need to get started with lighter weight cameras or your phone and with great savings.

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Lume Cube 2.0
Add-on Bundle

This bundle includes a Lume Cube 2.0 Waterproof LED light with one set of goosenecks.

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Twin Pack + Goosenecks
+ NEW Multi Bundle

Unlock Ultra's full potential with the NEW Multi-Kit and a set of goosenecks.

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Ultra + NEW! Multi Bundle

Multi also allows you to strap Ultra to objects, quickly setup with a non-slip pad, and attach Ultra to objects with the strap. And the 3-inch spigot adapter, sold in the Multi-kit, adapts to hold studio and portable lighting.

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Ultra Compact SmartPhone Bundle

This durable yet compact smartphone support is great for hiking, group self photos, travel and more. Use it for FaceTime/web conferencing as well as vlogging and time-lapse.

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