Nailing 'the Ring Shot' with Photographer Micah Vinson, Platypod Max

With Micah Vinson

Back with another Feature Friday! This week, we chat with NYC-based photographer Micah Vinson, who works at Shutterstock, and who describes himself on his really awesome Instagram page as “Photographer, traveler, lover of languages.” We got the chance to learn more about what inspires Micah — NYC! — and we were inspired ourselves to see him putting Platypod Max to work so he can nail those wedding ring shots quickly while under pressure.


Tell us a little about you. How did you get into photography? “When I moved to New York City 10 years ago, I became inspired being around famous landmarks on every corner. I started out slow, and now I have invested quite a lot in a variety of professional gear. Now, every month, I have a variety of professional gigs from weddings, portrait sessions, and fashion events. For my full-time job during the day, I work at the photography company Shutterstock.”

Where can we find you online? My website is and on Instagram, I am @micah_vinson.

Tell us about your experience with product photography. Is there a story behind the rings? Every time I shoot a wedding, I love doing the ring shots! Macro photography has been a fun aspect of my photography, especially when it comes to the wedding rings.

What was your gear set-up for the ring shots? For these shots, I always have my Nikon D750 with the Tamron 90mm F/2.8 Macro lens sitting on an Oben ball head mounted to a Platypod Max.

Biggest challenge shooting products? My biggest challenge is creativity during a short amount of time. Being able to nail focus is important, and the Platypod Max helps with that when shooting in Macro mode.


How does Platypod help you create these shots; why do you use it? I typically have such a short amount of time to do the ring shots, and I need to be able to nail focus quickly. Being able to steady the camera with precision quickly is invaluable, and Platypod helps with that.

What’s your favorite takeaway from your ring shoots? I try to look for a shot with the rings that will apply to the couple I am shooting. Having a light, flowery shot definitely went with the decoration of that specific wedding. I love the product and I definitely have it with me for so many situations.



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