#FeatureFriday: Platypod Takes a Trip to Long Island with Landscape Photographer Vincenzo Giordano

With Vincenzo Giordano

We are always looking for beautiful pictures (and experiences) created with use of Platypod in the bag. We come across so many stunning images (esp. on our Instagram feed, our fave!) and we love hearing the story behind the images. Today, we take you on a little trip to Long Island, where landscape and wildlife photographer, Vincenzo Giordano, captures the true beauty of the Island. In the words of Vinny himself, a beautiful landscape image is only a short drive away! 


Tell us a little bit about yourself. My Name is Vincenzo Giordano, friends call me Vinny and most of the time, I am a president of an Audio Visual Design and Integration company. My true passion is Landscape and Wildlife Photography -- evening and weekend road warrior! I started photography way back in the film days in high school and transitioned into digital a little over 10 years ago.

Tell us about your experiences photographing Long Island. Why Long Island? Firstly, Long Island is my home. Secondly, there is so much beauty all around with beautiful beaches, ocean views and nature preserves. In Long Island, a beautiful landscape image or wildlife image is only a short drive away. 

What do you find is your biggest challenges on your landscape and wildlife photo shoots? The biggest challenge for me is to get low enough for landscapes so that my foreground can pop against a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I usually shoot long exposures, so having a firm stable base is key for sharp images. 


How does Platypod help with your landscape and wildlife shots? Why do you use it? Platypod helps me get low enough and stable enough for that perspective I am looking for with the stability I need for a long shutter exposure. 

What is your normal gear set up? I am a Canon and Nikon shooter and lucky enough to have lenses for both systems. Currently, my go-to Landscape setup is a Nikon D850 with Nikkor 16-35 f/4, 12mm Fisheye lens (I love the fisheye lens!) and Sigma 14 f/1.8 with various Lee and NISI filters. I use both the Platypod Max and the Platypod Ultra.

What's your favorite takeaway from your landscape photography shots in Long Island? That photography is all about lighting and composition, and with composition, for me, a low perspective is what separates the creative --  the wow images from the routine ones. 

Are you currently working on any cool projects? I've been dabbling more and more into night milky way, starry images and again, having a low perspective, wide angle really makes an image stand out. I really want to perfect my craft in capturing this. 




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