Platypod Spotlight: Photographer Samantha Kennedy

Platypod Spotlight with Samantha Kennedy


We came across this picture today, and it’s a DEFINITE favorite. We decided to find out more about this photo featuring both Platypod Max and Platypod Ultra — together at last! =) What perfect timing, too, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, which made seeing this picture in our feed even more fun. Can we just go ahead and name this picture ‘Like two peas in a Platypod!?’


Meet Samantha Kennedy.

Tell us who you are and what you do.
I live on Long Island, NY and I love to go out and photograph local landscapes with my fellow photographers. I really started to take my photography more seriously back in 2015. This is really my passion.

My last big trip was to Italy back in October when we stayed in Rome. I had a great time heading out at night when there were not as many people out and about. I was able to capture some really great low-angle shots of St. Peters along with other locations along the way.

I only had my Platypod Ultra along with me, so no tripod. You can see photos from that trip on on my website


This is the picture (above) that first caught our attention today! What is the story behind this picture?

Jan and I planned to meet up this morning at the East Islip Marina hoping to get the sun lining up with the pier. We usually arrive for sunrise about a half hour before it is supposed to come up so we have some time to plan and get those early light shots. I decided to attach my Platypod to the pier there because the ice on that side was really nice and made for a great foreground.

Jan came over from where she was shooting and I helped her get hers attached as well then of course we had to get a photo of them both together. Jan bought her Platypod Ultra after I won my Platypod Max back in your first contest. SEE IT HERE<3

I met Jan back in September of 2017. We belong to a group called the Long Island Sunchasers on Facebook. There is a core group that meets up every Tuesday morning at Robert Moses to photograph sunrise and the Fire Island Lighthouse on ‘Lighthouse Tuesday.’

Do you have any final images from that morning shoot?


Amazing! We had a really great time getting to know Samantha! Next, we are looking forward to a chat with the other Platypod owner in the awesome ‘Platypods’ pic! Stay tuned for our next Platypod Spotlight, our weekly feature on photographers in the Platypod community.

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