Is the Tripod Dead?

Intro by Chamira Young

Have you ever considered a tripod to be more than just a simple tool that provides a stable base? What if it could take your creativity to the next level? In this exciting new age of imaging, innovative new tools are coming along that are helping artists kick up their creativity several notches.

Platypod is one of those unique tools helping creatives capture exciting new images and video footage from more dynamic angles than even before. It looks like no other tripod, and can fit into tight spaces previously inconceivable with regular tripods, while being easier than ever to transport. Durable and versatile, it’s changing the way imagery is made!

Check out the video below by Jay P Morgan. It showcases the many ways photographers and videographers are using the Platypod. It can go where regular tripods cannot, and while you’ll see that the tripod is not dead, "it just needs a sidekick!"

Get ready to be inspired!