"Tight Spaces" - The Perfect Theme for a NEW Platypod Contest!

If there’s one common denominator with Platypod users, it’s their ability to change the perspective when it comes to creativity in capturing images. In past posts like those from accomplished artists like Gilmar Smith, Dave Williams and Joe Pellicone they’ve each shared images that are unique, thanks to Platypod.

PLEASE NOTE: Based on everyone's feedback, we're postponing the "Tight Spaces" contest until the new year. We want to help you kick off 2020 with lots of inspiration in a contest that demonstrates more creativity and even a few additional surprises! Stay tuned - everything will be announced right here!


Well, were launching a new contest to recognize creativity and photographic excellence in “tight places.” All the information, including the rules are on Platypod’s Instagram page.

There are some great prizes - plus, you can be sure the winning images are going to be shared throughout social media!

FIRST PLACE. ($397 retail value) * Platypod Ultra.
* Platypod Max.
* Goosenecks.
* Multi accessory kit.
* Litra Torch two pack.

SECOND PLACE. ($129 retail value)
Platypod Max and Goosenecks.

THIRD PLACE. ($88 retail value) Platypod Ultra and Multi accessory kit.

And if you’re light on ideas, we found this older video in the Platypod archives. You can’t help but smile over the theme and the results.

Please note: No working lenses were harmed or injured in the making of this film!