A Great Macro Photography Setup with Shiv Verma

The following post was originally published on SkipCohenUniversity.com, and we wanted to share it here.

Text by Skip Cohen / Images copyright Shiv Verma. All rights reserved

Whether you usually shoot macro/closeup or not, there's something remarkable about the quality of an image when the artist has the skillset and right tools. These are watch pieces, and they're tiny.

Our good buddy and LUMIX Ambassador, Shiv Verma, photographed these watch parts with the Platypod Max, two goosenecks, and two LitraTorch 2.0's. The camera setup is a LUMIX G9 with the LUMIX 30mm F.2.8 Macro lens.


Shiv's choice of shooting them high-key and setting up his lighting the way he did shows the detail and gives them a look of being suspended in midair. What might be an ordinary shot becomes extraordinary!

Regardless of your photographic specialty, there are so many opportunities for macro - from ring shots to flowers to products you might be selling on eBay. The list goes on and on. So, if you're not set up to do a little macro/close-up photography, isn't it time?


Shiv is an artist who needs to be on your radar. And, check out his workshops too! Click on either image above to visit Shiv's website to see more of his work. You'll also find him regularly hanging out with the other LUMIX Ambassadors, one of the most talented and diverse teams in professional photography.

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