Change Your Angle and Add Drama with Chamira Young

Text and Photos by Chamira Young

Long before I’d ever heard of the Platypod, I firmly believed changing your angle could make all the difference in the dramatic feel of an image. At nearly every photo shoot, it seemed like I ended up crouching low to the ground or stepping up on a chair to get just the right spot. My clients often found the process quite humorous, but totally appreciated the end result! The Platypod has made this process so much easier, and is currently on special for Black Friday 2019.

While out shooting for fun at Goodells County Park here in Michigan, I decided to take some fun before and after comparison images using my Platypod. My before image would be a subject taken at my standing level of 5’6, and the after image would be down at ground level using the Platypod in order to get a dramatic effect.

They have a historic village set up as a highlight of the park, so I strolled over and snapped some images of an old church building that regularly caught my eye.

Here is the before image, with me simply standing and snapping a photo:


And below is the same spot, but low on the ground with the Platypod. I love how it gives the scene a more dramatic appearance, especially with the leaves on the ground. You can almost hear them gently rustling in the wind!


And here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of how I was set up:


I love how easy the Platypod made getting those low angle shots! Not having to roll around in the wet leaves was definitely a plus.

Afterwards, I couldn’t resist standing directly in front of the church and snapping another image using the Platypod.


Amazing how simply going low to the ground adds so much personality to an image!

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