Gratitude and Never-Ending Creativity with Shiv Verma

Intro by Chamira Young

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and we want to wish everyone a wonderful day filled with friends, family, and laughter! Although it’s an American holiday, the importance of gratitude really applies to everyone no matter where you live in the world. We should be thankful for the loved ones that surround us, as well as the fact that we have the freedom to practice our creativity as artists! Whether you consider yourself a hobbyist photographer or a professional photographer, we should all be thankful for the creative path we’ve chosen to pursue.

Speaking of creativity, below is an excerpt from a blog post from photographer Shiv Verma, originally shared over at Enjoy this quick dose of inspiration as Shiv shares how he gets creative with the Platypod Max with their new goosenecks and two Litra Torch 2.0s., all of which are currently available as a holiday special for the 2019 season.

Shiv Verma's Never-Ending Creativity

Text by Skip Cohen / Images copyright Shiv Verma. All rights reserved

Shiv Verma's sharing more beautiful images. He sent me the two photographs above this past weekend, and they deserve to be seen beyond his website or Facebook page. If you've met Shiv or at the very least, know his reputation. He never does anything halfway!

Shiv's using the LUMIX S1R and the LUMUX S 24-105 f/4 lens (which will do 50% macro). He's post focus stacked in the camera to create the image. With the two pictures above, he enhanced the second one in post-processing. ​ The exposure triad was F/4 @ 1/500 ISO 500.

The last ingredient is having the camera mounted on a Platypod Max with their new goosenecks and two Litra Torch 2.0s.




If Shiv Verma isn't on your radar, it's time you started keeping tabs on what he's up to. He's always sharing great content, and even better is catching up to him in person at an upcoming conference, convention or one of his workshops. His website is only a click away.