Creativity Through the Eyes of Rick Sammon with Platypod in China

This great piece was originally posted on It's Rick Sammon sharing some incredible creativity in this recent portrait from his trip to China. And, it's Black Friday with great deals out there on one of his favorite creative tools, Platypod. Check it out!

​Rick Sammon is no stranger to the SCU spotlight. In fact, you'd have to have been in solitary confinement the last thirty years not to know Rick's work shared in so many other venues. He's an artist, podcaster, author, educator, and essentially the Energizer Rabbit of imaging. He NEVER slows down, especially on his creativity!

Rick's always looking for a different perspective with so many of his images. Anybody can shoot beautiful postcard shots, but Rick looks for a way to capture moments that get us to look his way just a few seconds longer. That's exactly what he did on a recent trip to China and the image to the right.


One of my favorite "Sammonisms," is, "Use your hand-held camera like a drone. In other words, move your camera up and down, tilt it and move it side to side for creative angles. Thanks to Platypod, I was able to follow my own advice while photographing this woman in a rural village in China in September 2019."

Rick's angle is awesome, but so is the lighting. Notice the true Rembrandt lighting (triangle of light under the eye on the shadow side of the subject's face) in the close up of the woman.

Learn how to become a better photographer, which is different than taking better pictures - in Rick's 40th book, Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom - discovering the power of pictures: Also check out Rick's 17 classes on KelbyOne.


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