The Quick 20 Minute Self-Portrait with Chamira Young

Text and photos by Chamira Young

One thing I love about the Platypod is its ease of use. While I’ve used it for landscapes in the past, I had yet to experiment with portraiture - until recently. Periodically, I like to update my portrait for my podcast, and so the Platypod seemed the perfect, easy way to take a quick shot while sitting at my desk with my mic beside me.

As it turns out, my Platypod Ultra fit perfectly into one of my desk’s cubby holes! This allowed me to place the camera slightly above me, thus avoiding the look-up-the-nostrils vantage point. After setting up the camera, I simply sat in my usual podcasting spot, adjusted the mic, and clicked away.

Check out my setup below (and excuse my messy desk!):


After about 20 minutes of shooting, I finally decided on a shot I liked. After some quick editing for a slightly moody style, this was the resulting portrait:


I love how easy this was, especially since I’m not a huge fan of sitting in front of the camera to get my picture taken! Have you tried self-portraiture with your Platypod yet?