Dave Stock Captures the Changing Moods of His Scaly Friend

Intro by Chamira Young / Text and Photos by Dave Stock

Today we bring you the work of photographer Dave Stock, a talented LUMIX Ambassador. Recently he had the opportunity to capture creative images of his scaly neighborhood friend who would often visit him while grilling. As you’ll see, Platypod is great to have on hand when inspiration spikes!

In Dave’s words:

I often feel this eye watching me as I BBQ on our pool deck:


Caroline (full name Anolis Carolinensis) checks me out from closeby walls, bushes or trees. She even changes colors to match her moods. Check out the image below to see a shot of her when she wasn’t showing off her green ensemble:


Here’s what went into making the images:

  • 50-200mm lens at 200mm with extension rings

  • Sigma close up filter

  • Two Litra lights mounted on a Platypod to penetrate the shadows in the shrubbery

  • F9, 800 ISO, 1/1300th of a second

Below is my macro rig: 2 Litra lights on a Platypod, handheld with the Lumix G9’s dual image stabilization holding me still as I handheld the shot.