A Fun Home Project: A Frozen Fruit Tutorial with Joe Pellicone

Intro by Chamira Young / Tutorial by Joe Pellicone

The following is a fun home project from photographer Joe Pellicone. Originally, he got this idea from his friend, Scott Dere, on frozen flower photography. While Joe didn’t have any flowers in his house, he did have a strawberry and a lemon. Give it a try with what you have in your house!

Frozen Fruit Tutorial

by Joe Pellicone

This is very cool! I didn't have any flowers in the house, so instead I tried a strawberry and a lemon.  I found that by lighting the ice with my Litra lights using color gels, I could get very interesting results.

The Simple Setup: 

  • Get a few small Tupperware type containers.

  • Add a flower or piece of fruit, such as a strawberry. 

  • Add water, but don’t fill the container. Don’t panic! The fruit will float.

  • If you can, then place the container in the freezer without the top on. (I used a top because my freezer has no flat spaces at the moment)

  • Let it freeze.

  • Remove it and add more water.

  • Let the new water freeze.

  • When ready to shoot, mount your camera on a Platypod, get your Litra Lights and put them in position.

  • Since the ice will start to melt the moment you pull it out of the freezer, wait until the very last minute to take it out.

  • Make sure everything is ready to shoot.

  • Then get the Tupperware and run it under room temp water, just enough to get the ice block out of the container.

Pro Tip: If the ice fogs, wipe it down with a wet towel in between shots.

  • While shooting, I placed it on a clear container lid, but you can use anything.  If you don’t mind getting things wet you can put it on a glass table or black tile.

  • Light it with your Litra Lights and take a few shots.  Be sure to add color gels for dramatic effect.

  • When you're done, you can refreeze it for the next photo session.

All these photos were processed in LR and some in PS, especially to enhance the cracks in the ice and the vibrance and saturation of the colors.

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Check Scott's Instagram @scottjoshuadere to see some of his cool flowers!







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