Inspiring Toy Photography with Mitchel Wu

Photography by Mitchel Wu

We love how professional toy photographer Mitchel Wu created this capture of the character WALL-E using his Platypod! See below as he describes the process, and then enjoy the final result!

In Mitchel’s own words:

“Sometimes I see something that makes me drop what I'm doing so I can run and grab a toy and my camera. I was in my garage when I noticed some light falling in dynamic patterns onto the floor. This image wasn't about telling a story, I was really just trying to capture something cool before the light changed and disappeared.  I sprayed a little bit of @atmosphereaerosol to help emphasize the light rays. Check out the bts with my new @platypodtripods. This little tripod is perfect for this kind of shot, and is absolutely rock solid! Finally! Keep an eye out for some upcoming bts videos on how I use the Platypod in my work.”



Be sure to check out Mitchel’s work online!