Toy Photography! Behind-The-Scenes with Mitchel Wu

Intro by Chamira Young / Photo and Video by Mitchel Wu

Today we bring you more inspiration from the extremely talented toy photographer Mitchel Wu. Below he shares the story behind the image (see below), as well as a cool behind-the-scenes video. Check it out!


In Mitchel’s own words from Instagram:

We went to the desert for a couple days for a much needed change of scenery, but also to shoot a client project that I just couldn’t pull off at home. In between working on that project, and swimming and hiking, I had a chance to shoot a few quick setups. This was one of them.

We stayed at my wife’s mentor’s guest house on 50 acres of private land (I only needed to step out the door for amazing locations though). Fred Olsen is a legend in the world of ceramics. I had Fred assist me with the air cannon on this shot to stir up the dirt, just to let him experience toy photography - so much fun! Shooting there was all about the experience, and I’ll never forget it.

My @spiderholster was invaluable as I searched for locations amid the rocky environment and created my setups. And the @platypodtripods was incredibly solid and stable on those uneven rocks! Rock solid! (pun intended!)⁣

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