Mobile Photography with Platypod's Ultra Essentials Kit!

Intro by Chamira Young

Recently photographer Andrew Ford wrote an informative article about how he uses the Ultra Essentials Kit for mobile photography. We wanted to share an excerpt below to give you an idea of the endless possibilities there are with Platypod! You can read the full article here.

Using a Platypod kit for effective mobile photography

By Andrew Ford

The Platypod Ultra is a thing of beauty. It is engineered to give you options, and options are the best friends of any photographer or videographer. I took the Ultra Essentials Kit out for a backyard test drive with my smartphone.

First, let’s look at what’s in the kit.


The Platypod Ultra box includes the Platypod Ultra itself, a velcro wallet that holds four heavy-duty spike feet, a 20” cinch strap and a carabiner to hold these items to your belt or bag.

The red drawstring pouch contains an anti-slip silicone pad, 36″ tension strap, 3-inch 3/8-1/4″ female adapter, and a 3/8-1/4″ female to male riser. The final kit components are the Benro IN00 ball head and the Square Jellyfish metal spring tripod mount to hold your smartphone.



You can check out the full article HERE.