A Bengal Bobcat with Eryka Bagwell

Words and photos by Eryka Bagwell

I've always struggled to get a low angle view of my Bengal bobcat Tazmanian, especially being that he is a high energy and very active cat. That all changed once I had my Ultra, Benro Ball and Jellyfish. I learned I could capture those tough to (quickly) achieve lower angles when he finally decided it was time to take a breather...which tends to be only for a few minutes.

A little background on me, I'm not a photographer by any stretch, but I have always really enjoyed and appreciated the art of photography. In fact, I took a class in college that I really got to learn a few things from the ground up. If you ask any of my family members, I'll always be the guest with my phone (or in the past, digital camera) attached to my hand snapping photos to capture all of life's little moments. Having my Platypod Ultra setup has been a complete game changer for me! 

It was Saturday morning and the lighting was a mixture of overcast and partly sunny, so the light was a bit diffused and just right for a photo. Luckily, Taz had just finished bolting around the house (as per usual) and jumped on our freshly made bed, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos. I quickly ran into the other room to grab my Platypod Ultra setup, adjusted my screw mounts with rubber caps and attached my cell phone - a Google Pixel first gen - into the mounting system.

While I emphatically waved my arms, I was able to capture Taz's curious and fierce stare as he watched me acting a bit foolish to get his attention. Snap, snap, snap! A few photos later and I knew I had a winner! After a bit of Photoshopping to clean up any imperfections, then voilà. A new photo capture to proudly display on my fridge! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I was able to enjoy the process of capturing them!