A Calypso Orchid with Susan and Neil Silverman

Words and images by Susan and Neil Silverman

Here is another great example of the use of the Platypod where it could not be accomplished otherwise. This Calypso Orchid is only a few inches off the ground, so the feet on the Platypod helped in stabilizing the camera and lens on this slippery surface, making this image a reality! Even a tripod that gets low would be so much more difficult to work with and hardly be able to get low enough to photograph.

With it being so low to the ground, this orchid is such an incredible species! The Platypod is such a valuable tool, especially with all the spring flowers that are blooming in our region now.  Check out the setup shot below, as well as the final image. 

Yo can view more of Susan and Neil's work, as well as their workshops at www.silvermansphotography.com