Andrew Scrivani: Drink Photography that Wows!

Words by Eryka Bagwell

Food and beverage photography can be made simple by just adding the right gear to your collection. Platypod is one of the best ways to get up close so you can achieve new perspectives of your food and beverage photography alike. Just ask Andrew Scrivani. He has mastered this medium and his results speak for themselves. He recently released a video from Boheme Mixology Bar in Catania, Sicily explaining his setup for 'Magazine-Worthy" drink photography using his iPhone and a Platypod. Take a look at the video to learn more. You'll hear more about the Platypod and how to apply it to this medium at 9 minutes into it. 

In this video, Andrew used a small lighting set up by PlatyPod. "It’s a small, really inexpensive piece of equipment that is easy to take wherever you go to get professional lighting." Get your Platypod at 

Be sure to watch more videos about Andrew Scrivani and his works by clicking this link.