A long-term time-lapse worth waiting for…

Words by Eryka Bagwell

A long-term time-lapse video doesn’t need to consume a lot of your time but it does require the right equipment and rigging. Photographer, educator, artist and camera man, Jay P. Morgan demonstrates how to effectively collect several months’ worth of camera data installing a new machine in a warehouse (view video here) using both the Platypod Max and Ultra as key components.

In order to prepare his equipment for the construction zone, Jay P. customizes a SKB case. He uses a jig saw to cut a hole wide enough to adhere a 4” PVC pipe, a 105mm filter to protect the lens and lastly he seals the deal with some silicone adhesive to keep the dust out. Next he mounts an Arca Swiss plate for ease of sliding his camera in and out of his SKB case. He set up his camera to take a picture every minute and he also had the unit plugged into the wall for endless power. In a warehouse environment where light can greatly fluctuate and effect the results of the time-lapse, he was also careful to adjust the aperture to account for light variations (in addition to other steps like de-flickering etc.). By setting up the camera with a water and dust resistant case he guaranteed a safer environment for his DSLR. 

In addition to setting up his DSLR in the custom SKB case Jay P. set up several long-term time-lapse cameras (he used Afidus brand cameras) and mounted them on the Platypod Max and also the Platypod Ultra. Jay P. shot the Platypod Max into the beams or strapped them around the pole to achieve the right angle. Set up was very easy and allows access to otherwise unattainable footage.

“I add a head on my Platypod which allows me to adjust them to get the view that I want and that just makes it really turnkey. That’s what all of my Afidus cameras are on.”


Whether you set up to watch the seasons change or perhaps a new house being built taking a long-term time-lapse is a really fun project to try if you haven’t before (and own the right equipment). So Keep your cameras running and keep on creating…