A Platypod Arctic Adventure with Angie Birmingham

Words by Angie Birmingham - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Svalbard isn’t your typical tourist destination. We weren't looking for a place to relax on a beach, we were seeking an Adventure of a lifetime! If you like adventure and exploring amazing landscapes and wildlife, then Svalbard should be at the top of your list it was on ours so we booked out trip to this magical Island located 500 miles above the Arctic circle."

"While in Longyearbyen we had reservations at Restaurant Kroa, for a unique dining experience. This was suppose to be one of Svalbard’s world-famous restaurant and it was delicious. They had everything from traditional Norwegian cuisine, to seafood delicacies, like reindeer steaks and even whale meat. There was something on that menu for everyone. Of course, we all had to try the whale meat. While Jeff and I thought it was 'ok', we decided that we definitely would never order it again."

"We also did so some shopping in the unique gift shops in Longyearbyen."

"After some time, we explored the region’s fascinating history. The only places we could visit at the time due to the war in Ukraine is what is accessible in Longyearbyen like the seed vault, abandoned mines and radio tower. With its beautiful natural environment, friendly locals and abundance of activities, Svalbard was truly an unforgettable destination!"

"With over 60% of the land covered by glaciers, Svalbard offers plenty of opportunities for photographers. You can also go snowmobiling, dog sledding, or even try your hand at ice fishing (if you wanted to), but we didn't do any of those activities. We visited primarily for the Polar Plunge and Photography opportunities. We had hoped to photograph, polar bears, beaded seals, walruses, arctic fox, caribou, whales of all types and birds too of course. I should get a bunch of lifers on this trip."

"Most of our trip, we were aboard the MS Freya it's what they call an ice breaker, which we learned would be doing some ice breaking. The Platyball Ergo, my handy ballhead held up great in the low temperatures that the Arctic is know for!"

"As far as landscape photography, Svalbard is the perfect destination. With its stunning vistas with the midnight sun we should capture some amazing images of this Arctic paradise."

"Overall, this trip was amazing and certainly one of a lifetime! If you would like more info on a trip to this amazing corner of the world give me a shout."

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