A Powerful Tabletop Setup for Quick Action Shots and more with John Little

Words by John Little
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


This shot was captured using my new Platypod configuration which included the eXtreme tripod base, the Platypod Handle, a Ball Head and a Platypod Disc. This setup (including the new Platypod Handle) really solves so many situations where you need just a little bit of extra height to photograph your subject. This will also be tremendous when we get back into winter here, because my camera can be setup for those low angle captures without sitting in the snow at all. Nice Job Platypod Folks!

It was such a beautiful day, the lake was shimmering, and this great looking powerboat came by. Everyone was just taking it easy, a laid back summer day. This is the photo that I took with the new Platy Handle on the Platypod eXtreme, and ball head.

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