A Saturated Portrait Palette featuring the Platyball Elite by Lenworth Johnson

Words by Lenworth Johnson - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


"This shoot was very different from how I would normally approach a session."

"When Lela call me to book the session to promote the single (No Chances) from her album, she said 'colors with a spotlight and I want to do my own makeup', and of course I responded okay!"

"One thing you should know, Lela has this infectious laughter and such a bubbly personality it soaks up the room with positive energy which permeates through the lens as well." 

"The images were shot with gels to give that super saturated palette (this really complimented her saturated energy) which resulted in a dramatic final result!"

"I used my Platyball Elite and Platypod disc atop my camera and used my eXtreme with a Handle and a Lume Cube Panel Pro for some additional lighting."

To view more of Lenworth's incredible work, visit his website here.


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