Alternative To Arca-Swiss Camera Plates - Platypod Disc

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Generic Arca-Swiss camera and lens plates are popular because they offer the flexibility of working with nearly any camera or lens. They are less expensive (and more readily available) than dedicated plates. Either way, it's important to have a solid mounting system for your gear and most professional photographers know the value of the Arca-Swiss system for securing cameras and lenses to ballheads, tripods and sliders.

Many companies make generic plates, but not all of these plates are created equally. When it comes to ways to mount a camera or a lens or a light to a stable environment, no company innovates like Platypod.

You probably know about the famous Platypod tripod alternative and the new Platyball ball head. But you may not be familiar with the Arca-Swiss compatible “Platypod Disc” that does the job of a generic camera or lens plate. And as you’d expect from Platypod, it does it better.

The Platypod Disc is a 2″ wide Arca compatible, anodized aluminum round mounting plate/riser – 3/8”-16 female w/ 1/4”-20 stainless steel bolt. Male to 3/8”-16 female adapter with circular bubble level.

For starters adding the bubble level was brilliant. It’s very convenient and very precise. It helps in situations where you aren’t working with a ballhead or tripod that has a level. Secondly, this thing effortlessly screws on to your camera or lens WITH NO TOOLS! Yep – you read that right. NO TOOLS! How many times have you been hunting for an Allen wrench to put on or take off an Arca-Swiss plate? If you’re like me, too many times to count.

Platypod has devised a system that just lets you screw the disc onto your camera with your fingers and it’s just as sturdy as if you torqued it with a wrench. The round disc design lets you point your camera in the right direction before you tighten things down. Of course you can still rotate the camera using your ballhead if you don’t get the positioning just right the first try.

It also acts as a mini riser in case you just need a little extra clearance for your lens or camera.

The 1/4″ – 20 bolt and the 3/8″ threaded socket are a single piece of steel. This is much more reliable than the aluminum mounts you see with other plates.

The Platypod Disc is competitively priced with other generic plates but a much better value. You can buy it from Platypod directly via the Platypod website. For an even better value, you can buy it as part of the Platypod Multi-Accessory kit. That gives you additional items like a spigot for a mono light and umbrella adapters, a silicone pad (to prevent accessories from scratching valuable surfaces) and for extra security and grip, a 36″ tension strap that you can use to rig things to trees, posts, polls, etc., a 3″ carabiner and an accessory pouch.


You’ve probably heard professional photographers talking about Platypod. The reason is simple. Platypod gear is effective, innovative, fairly-priced and always valuable. The Platypod Disc is just one more item that has thrilled photographers because you just never know when you will need to mount some gear and at the same time, you'll probably have trouble finding one of those Allen wrenches we all hate. The Platypod Disc solves that problem. You can get yours at:

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