An Elegant Weapon and Final Capture with Jesse Feyereisen

Words by Jesse Feyereisen
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

An elegant weapon…for a more civilized age.

"So glad we get to see “young” Luke Skywalker again in recent Star Wars content. We never really did get to see him in his “Jedi prime” after the original trilogy."

"For this tabletop setup, I used 3 lights. I posed my Hottoys 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker on a base and surrounded him with 3 lights. For my main light, I used a Godox AD200 in a 34” round softbox overhead and surrounded him with 2 black bounce cards (so I didn’t have too much light going all over the place). For a background, I used a metal cabinet shelf that I painted dark grey and taped two pieces of black foamcore to it to so only a small section of light (AD200 in a 10”x24” stripbox) would show through. Lastly, I used a Godox M1 RGB panel mounted on a Platypod Handle in front of the figure, this helped to create the green light spill of a lightsaber I added in post. I then setup my camera on my tripod and another Platypod Handle to help dial in the right height and fired off some shots!"

"In post, I just used Photoshop to clean up the figure a bit, add the lightsaber, and a light smoke overlay. With Boris FX Optics I added a touch of a lens flare and some additional light bloom, then finished it all off in Lightroom with a few more adjustments and a color grade. Overall I was really happy with this one!"

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