Angel Oak Tree

Words by Samantha Kennedy
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


Having the opportunity to travel in our 5th wheel has been a fulfilling adventure (to say the least) which keeps getting better with each new location that we visit. This couldn’t be truer for my subject in the photos below. I had heard there was a magnificent oak tree located in John’s Island, SC and knew when we visited Charleston it was a must see! Little did I know how truly “Wowed” I would be while capturing these stills of the oak tree (which has to be at least 400 years, plus).

Being a tourist attraction has its downfalls and unfortunately, one of those was that I wasn’t able to capture an image without subjects. The other being, standard tripods are prohibited on these grounds. I was very fortunate to be carrying my Platypod and PlatyBall Elite with me. While visitors are able to walk around and through the majestic oak, they are not to affect the wildlife in any way. My Platypod and Platyball Elite allowed me to set up my camera on the ground aiming up at this beauty and capture all the angles I was hoping for (and more) without harming the environment or disturbing any other guests.