Badwater Basin with Rocky Montez-Carr

Words by Rocky Montez-Carr
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Recently we headed to Death Valley National Park in California to check out the water accumulation at Badwater Basin. Although you would think by the name that there is usually water here, that’s not actually the case. There had been some really bad flooding that washed out a lot of roads and the park was closed for months. It reopened so we wanted to see it before all of the water disappeared. There is a high amount of salt, as you can see but, it resembles ice the way it recedes into the water. Such a cool sight to see and made for some really great shots."

"I love my Platypod eXtreme and Platyball Ultra. Now with the added Handle I have the versatility to get the perfect height for my shots. The main reasons I like my Platypod rig is because of the compactness and versatility. We hike a lot and always have our birds strapped to us so carrying a large, bulky tripod as well isn’t ideal. The lightness of it all, the size, and how it breaks down so easy makes it the perfect solution for me."

"Yes, we travel with our birds. We get a lot of inquiries about them everywhere we go. Whether traveling, hiking, biking or paddle-boarding the birds are with us throughout the journey. They are both rescue pigeons that we nursed back to health (one was hit by a car, the other shot in the wing) and now act like our dogs haha. If you can believe it, they're even trained to come when we call!"

To view more of Rocky Montez-Carr's work you can visit his Instagram page and you can also find a variety of works on his website by clicking here.


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