Behind the Shot: Steve Brazill interview with Dr. T

Words by Eryka Bagwell

"My specialty in photography is, not specializing. I like being a jack of all trades and hope I'm a master of something in there. I like variety. I like to take a common object and look at it differently." - Dr. T, founder of Platypod

Take it from Dr. T, having the ability to be versatile in your craft and within your industry truly does open doors that you may not have originally thought possible. He has proved this time and again with each new Platypod product that he invents and subsequently releases. He continues to see the products he produces in an innovative new way that allows him to push the boundaries of what he thought was possible. 

Check out this interview of Dr. T chatting with Steve Brazill of Behind the Shot to see his perspectives on depth and high contrast when selecting which Black and White image he plans to shoot. 

 Read more about this interview at Steve Brazill's website here and be sure to back our Kickstarter project for the Platypod eXtreme before the campaign ends Monday, May 9 at midnight PST.