Beyond Technique Podcast: Photographer Levi Sim Discusses Relationship Building and Being Helpful

Platypod is proud to be a sponsor of Beyond Technique, one of the awesome podcasts on the Photofocus network that helps photographers improve their businesses and their lives! In this info-packed episode, we chat with photographer Levi Sim about how relationship building and being helpful has moved his photography career forward.

Photography copyright Levi Sim


In the interview, Levi discusses the role of relationship building to every photographer's business, the importance of being helpful and having a thick skin as you build your photography business, and lessons he's learned over his career. Get ready to be inspired and take notes!

Levi also discusses how he's using our new Platypod Ultra Twin Pack. It's our new combo pack that enables online educators to secure, stabilize and easily set-up multiple cameras, lights and accessories. It's been designed specifically for online education applications where teachers might need multiple angles of coverage to show students exactly what's going on, like in a chemistry experiment, cooking class, or musical instrument demo.