Can A Platypod Replace A Tripod?

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

There are several answers to this question...

  1. It depends - on what you do with and expect out of your tripod.
  2. Probably - as long as you have a solid, flat or vertical surface at the desired height you need to get the image you want.
  3. Maybe not - if you need to mount very large, very heavy gear like 12K cinema cameras with very long lenses - in those situations - a tripod might be a better option.

But let's face it. Most of us are NOT using very heavy gear like 12K cinema cameras with very long lenses. And for us, the Platypod can indeed do much of the same work as a tripod.

Then again, the Platypod can do things a tripod cannot.

You can take a Platypod to places where tripods are either not allowed or where there simply isn't enough physical space to place tripod with its legs extended.

If you do a lot of low-angle photography, i.e., your camera is close to the ground, then the Platypod can (in almost every case) take the place of a tripod and probably do the job better than a tripod. While many tripods have removable center columns, not all do - and in those cases the Platypod is easily the best choice.

It's also a great choice for macro work where you need to get very close to your subject or as a platform for a camera trap if you're doing remote release work such as you would when photographing birds and wildlife.


A Platypod is at least more versatile than a tripod and certainly less expensive than a decent tripod. Depending on your use case, it could absolutely take the place of a tripod. You can find out for less than $100 at


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