Festive High Fashion Photography with Chris Keuk

Words by Eryka Bagwell
Photo: Chris Keuk copyright 2022

We recently came across the work of a Dallas Texas native named Chris Keuk and were blown away by his use of abstract angles, lighting, reflections and bright night time photographs. With the holiday season upon us, we felt these festive fashion shots really needed a feature. Chris explains a little about how these shots were taken, below.

"I was fortunate to get my Platypod Max in time for the shoot. I'm currently using the Nikon D800, Nikon NIKKOR 14-24mm F2.8 ED (that also arrived the same day as my Platypod Max), and a Flashpoint remote trigger. I set my focus to manual, shot wide at 14mm, camera set to ISO100, aperture set to f/8 and set my shutter speed to 4 seconds."

We strongly suggest that you visit his site to view more of his beautiful art, you can access those by clicking here to view his Instagram page and click here to view his website.

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