ClickCon 2023 featuring Jamie Cobb with Photoville

Words by Jamie Cobb - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Since the new James Cameron movie Avatar: The Way of Water was released, Jamie knew that she wanted to set the scene and shoot her own version of these characters. Fast forward to ClickCon in Chicago, where she met Miranda and hired her as an Avatar model which is when the makeup brushes began to fly and work their magic on transforming Miranda into one of the Na'vi people from Pandora.
"I used my Platypod gear during every photo shoot at this year's ClickCon, Chicago 2023. This was definitely one of my favorite shoots. I photographed Miranda all around Michigan Ave and we really had a great time!"
"Miranda was a model attending ClickCon and she posted the Avatar outfit she brought on the ClickCon app and I immediately reached out to her asking if I could photograph her. We met up on Thursday night 10:45pm and we had such a blast wondering through the streets of downtown Chicago (for over 2 hours)! I knew that I wanted to photograph the Avatar character being that the streets of Chicago had so many great landscapes for us to get into and capture some unique images."
She used her Platyball Elite with electronic LED level combined with her FUJI XT3 and a Stella pro reflex light to stage and obtain these creative captures. 




Photographer: Jamie Cobb with PhotoVille. You can view more of her works on her Instagram or her website.
Hair: @beauty_by_edith 
Stylist: Miranda Rayne Model

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