Close-Up Food Inspiration with Shiv Verma

Words by Eryka Bagwell

This final capture from Platypod Pro, Shiv Verma features a freshly made bowl of noodles with Saki. To get a close-up overhead capture, Shiv knew that he could rely on his Platypod gear to set the stage for this delectable food and beverage demo shot. If you weren't in attendance, this photograph was shared at the KelbyOne Photoshop World 2023 conference. Our owner/founder Dr. Larry T. shared several close-up inspiration shots to help both expert and aspiring photographers to "get out there and get inspired" using their Platypod gear in new and unique ways. 

The setup included a Platyball Elite affixed to his tripod in the foreground. In the background, he used a combination of two Platypod Ultras, a couple of Goosenecks and a couple of LumeCubes. This allowed him to achieve the right amount of backlight for this white-on-white style capture. He also utilized his Platypod Max (discontinued and replaced by Platypod eXtreme) tripod along with a Platypod Elbow and Super Mini Clamp to hold a bounce card to reflect that lighting back at the subject. Resulting in a final capture that is a delight for the eyes (and we'd imagine the taste buds as well).

To view more of Shiv's work, visit his website and also go check out his Instagram page and give him a follow. 

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