Coati in Mexico with Jamie Cobb

Words by Eryka Bagwell

Sometimes you just have to stop and snag a bite to eat, as was the case with Jamie Cobb on a recent visit to Mexico. While walking the boardwalk on a forest trail adventure, Jamie spotted a few Coati on the prowl for a bite to eat. Jamie knew she had to snag the chance to capture these beauties up close and personal with her Platypod gear!

Therein began the setup, she quickly grabbed a sandwich and cut it up into small pieces next to a mini Lego man photographer and Stitch photographer in the forefront of the capture (next to the food). The rest was magic, we hope you enjoy seeing these little cuties as much as we did!

The setup: Jamie used the Platypod eXtreme combined with a Platyball Elite which is on a HEAVY discount right now.

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