Creativity with Artist and Educator Judy Host

One of the most fun aspects of conventions/conferences is getting time with other photographers and educators! At the recent ClickCon show in Chicago, artist and educator Judy Host stopped by the Platypod booth and checked out Platyball. The ClickCon tradeshow floor had a number of different sets, along with models and time for attendees to direct and photograph the action. The "Mad Hatter" set was one of our favorites. Check it out below:

First, Judy took one shot with the models in place. With her camera perched firmly on the Platyball, the models stepped away and Judy clicked the shutter once again. She then layered the two photos in Photoshop, perfectly in register and just decreased the opacity on the upper layer till there was just a hint of "ghost" in the room. Get it right in camera and the rest is effortless!

Here's Judy's final shot:

Note: Platyball is anticipated to start shipping to Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers in October and available at retail late in the first quarter of next year.

Check out more of Judy's work with a visit to her website.