Delectable drink photos with a smart phone and Freddy Clark

Words by Freddy Clark - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"We like coffee at our house and we like trying new things to put in our coffee. When a trip down the cold brew and creamer section in the market introduced me to a new 'Cold Foam Creamer,' I thought I would give it a try.  It comes in the same kind of can as whipped cream.  It is thinner in consistency than whipped cream but thicker than a regular creamer.  The foam sits on the top of the coffee and slowly disperses in to the coffee in 'strings.'  As soon as I saw it doing this, I wanted to make a photo with it."  

"I wanted to mimic kitchen lighting in my studio, so a constant light above the table was needed, a Spiderlite did the trick.  I covered the table with a white marble background board to emulate a kitchen counter top."
"When setting up the lighting, I will place an empty glass and any props that will keep in the setup to work my lighting.  A couple of LumeCube Panel Pro 2.0 set up on Platypods, Handles, and Elbows allowed me to precisely get light exactly where I wanted.  For the key light on the coffee glass, I wanted a little more diffusion so a clamp held a small DIY diffusion panel I made myself."
"With my iPhone on a Grip, Handle, and Platypod I was ready for the hero. Acrylic ice shards filled the glass, cold brew coffee poured in and then the Cold Foam Creamer added to the top.  Within about a minute the foam started falling into the coffee and being redirected by the ice giving me the effect I wanted.  A few clicks on the phone’s shutter and I had the photo I wanted.  A little post processing in the phone to add some contrast and I had my photograph.  A little later I had a coffee."  

To view more of Freddy's thirst quenching captures visit his Instagram page by clicking here and also be sure to take a peek at his website here.


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