Delicious Eats with Freddy Clark

Words and Photos by Freddy Clark - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"The idea for this photo was to create a great looking grilled cheese sandwich and make it look like you had just taken a bite out of it.  We wanted to get up close and really get a 1-to-1 close-up perspective.  There was also the challenge to have the sandwich 'in-hand' being so close the camera, which took some contortions to get both hands around the camera lens to hold the sandwich to get this photo made in one image."  

"Lighting, as always, is key.  There were two lights involved, one from back left and one up front slightly to the right.  These were left unmodified so they would be harsher and more directional.  The rear light was tasked with highlighting the top of the bread to really show the texture of the top of the bread.  The job of the front light was to get into the bite and get that cheese, especially the drip to pop."

"Each lighting rig consisted of a Platypod Max with a Platypod Handle and an Elbow supporting a LumeCube Panel Pro 2.0."

"The lighting was set up using two pieces of bread as a stand in.  When it was lit the way I wanted, I moved onto making the grilled cheese.  A small chefs torch was used last as the very last thing on a small section of the cheese to get the cheese drip."

"Bon Appetit!"


To view more of Freddy Clark's incredible works visit his website and also be sure to follow him on Instagram.


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