Photo Masters Devils Tower Capture with Ian Plant

Words by Ian Plant - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Devils Tower is one of America’s most famous landscape icons. When the magma that formed Devils Tower cooled, it contracted, forming hexagonal columns that give the formation its distinct appearance."

Where: "Devils Tower National Monument is located in northeastern Wyoming, close to the nearby towns of Hulett and Sundance. The nearest major airport is Rapid City Regional Airport in South Dakota, which is about 90 miles away."

When: "Devils Tower can be photographed any time of year, although summer is when you are most likely to get storms, which often produce dramatic skies. Sunrise and sunset are great for getting colorful light on the tower. Night photography is also very popular."

Learn more: The above photo required a ground-level setup. I used a Platypod eXtreme as a stable platform for my camera, getting it low enough to pull the reflection down into the triangle-shaped part of the rainwater pool (watch my full review of the Platypod eXtreme). I needed an extreme wide-angle to capture the entire scene, so I used my Venus Optics Laowa 9mm f/5.6 lens on my Sony full-frame camera (read my full review of the Laowa 9mm lens). Because of the extreme near-far perspective, to get everything perfectly sharp in the photo I used focus stacking (PRO Members can learn more about focus stacking from my Ultimate Landscape Photography Course).

To view more of Ian's work visit his website and you can also spot him on Photo Masters. You can learn more about his Devils Tower capture here

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